Empowering organizations to deliver faster, high-quality products by providing actionable metrics on software quality and development efficiency.


We believe that, in software development, nobody knows the overall quality and productivity of their development activities and outputs.
Some discrete parts of the products are measured in different stages of the application life cycle, but there isn't any complete software quality monitoring approach. The engineering teams, managers, and executives don't know what's going on in their production line.

There, we see a black-box for the engineering processes, while developing a software product. That's why we set out to build a powerful product that empowers developers, tech leads, product leads, and executives by enabling full-cycle software quality monitoring.

Product Quality Matters...
Today, large enterprises and startups have come to rely on QA Dashboard to get complete visibility of their software's quality. They all want to deliver values faster for their customers while staying reliable with QA Dashboard because product quality matters.

Let's get in touch to start building your continuous quality monitoring platform.

Why Choose Us

Easy-to-use & powerful Dashboards
Real-time metrics from your own tools
Repository Analytics for Git, SVN, TFVC
Developer & Team based view of real-time data
SDLC/ALM tools integrations

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