Product Features & Benefits

If you want to build a high-performing technology organization, it’s time to meet software intelligence with Oobeya.

Scorecards: Diagnose Symptoms

Visualize metrics and activities of the engineering teams and detect bottlenecks.


✔️ Pinpoint bottlenecks in the software delivery cycle.
✔️ Diagnose symptoms of the development processes.
✔️ Remove blockers that the team has.
✔️ Prevent burnout and overload.
✔️ Build a culture of knowledge sharing among team members.

No more surprises. Get real-time updates on your development process and take control of your product quality. 

Stop ignoring quality issues. Make your code quality issues visible, assign them to creators, and track the life cycle of each issue.

Accelerate with Git Analytics

Get data-driven feedback on your engineering processes. 


Oobeya’s Gitwiser (Git Analytics) analyzes software development activities (commits & PRs) in detail and produces metrics at the individual, team, and system levels.

✔️ Git Work Type Analytics: New work, Refactor, Help Others, Code Churn.
✔️ Git Commit Analytics: Efficiency, Impact.
✔️ Pull Request Analytics: Get visibility into the code review process. Get alerts about long review time, oversized, or lightning pull requests.

The metrics produced by Gitwiser enabled technical leads to periodically examine the health status of their teams and code repositories to identify the symptoms that occur in the development cycle.

SDLC Integrations

Enlighten the engineering process and improve productivity. 


✔️ Visualize the development cycle, see what’s blocking you, and get action to fix the problems.
✔️ Activate the addons which you already have in your SDLC. (GitLab, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, Jira, Jenkins, SonarQube, Fortify, New Relic, Dynatrace, TestRail, Sentry, and more…)
✔️ Easily define your data sources (url/account + token) to start collecting data into one platform.

Board Analytics: Beyond Jira…

Share metrics and reports with all stakeholders, and get everyone on the same page.


✔️ Stakeholders on the same page. Provide an up-to-date and understandable dashboard for all the stakeholders. Keep all the stakeholders on the same page. 

✔️ Sprint progress in real-time. Check your dashboard during the sprint to see the agile metrics such as sprint velocity, innovation rate, bugs opened in the current sprint… 

✔️ Daily team dashboard. See the completed tasks, what is in progress, and what is blocking you. Track the daily quality metrics to take quick actions on every daily stand-up. 

Gamification: Oobeya Leagues

Leverage gamification to improve software quality.


Gamification platform. QA Dashboard provides a gamification platform for tracking the KPIs and Objectives of organizations. 

Stay in the game. Set your goals and keep your teams in play with the QA Dashboard Leagues. 

Be better, earn badges. Know your goals and follow the progress as each team does to earn badges and be better.