Yes! You can add and connect multiple data sources such as GitHub and GitLab to Oobeya. Then, you can use all data sources together and analyze your Git repositories.

Oobeya Gitwiser Multiple Data Sources

Oobeya Gitwiser Multiple Data Sources

How It Works: Oobeya GitHub and GitLab integrations

Oobeya’s Development Analytics module collects and transforms data (commits, pull requests, branches, repositories, contributors) from various VCS tools into a common modal.

Supported Version Control System (VCS) Tools: GitHub, GitLab, and more

GitHub, GitLab, Atlassian Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps (including all enterprise, server, and cloud services/plans). See all integrations here.

Oobeya VCS Addons

Oobeya VCS Addons



If you’re not familiar with Oobeya, it’s a software engineering intelligence platform that helps software development teams and leaders track and visualize their entire development and delivery processes.

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