Oobeya detects software development and delivery symptoms* automatically

by leveraging numerous data points and over 50 key engineering metrics such as DORA Metrics, Cycle Time, Pull Request, Agile metrics, and more...

* Oobeya is a Japanese term that means a large room. It is also a part of the Toyota Product System. In software dev organizations, OOBEYA Engineering Intelligence Platform is used as a virtual space where all stakeholders can gather and share progress to achieve complete visibility, transparency, and accountability.

A symptom may be a recurring anti-pattern, bad practice, a bottleneck, or a roadblock in the software development and delivery process.

Enhancing the developer experience and prioritizing the well-being of teams are key factors in building healthy and high-performing software development organizations.

Oobeya offers a comprehensive platform to improve overall developer experience and productivity.


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The most accurate, adaptable, and effortless way of tracking DORA Metrics

Oobeya calculates DORA Metrics across platforms (using VCS + CICD + APM / Incident Management tools) to accurately and effortlessly track the journey of a commit from development to production deployment for any organization or use case.

Furthermore, NO changes to workflows or pipelines are required; Oobeya seamlessly integrates with existing tools to calculate DORA metrics.

Oobeya collects and analyzes all commit, pull request, and deployment data retrospectively, delivering the full historical DORA Metrics result on day one.

One platform to manage all your SDLC integrations... (20+ integrations)

To give software engineering work visibility, Oobeya gathers and transforms the data acquired from the SDLC toolset into 50+ metrics, dashboards, and insights that look across many dimensions. Once Oobeya is connected to the SDLC toolset, data is gathered and aggregated in real-time without the need for manual input.


including GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines, GitHub Enterprise On-Premise, Jira Server, and more...

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn how we can help you create a high-performing technology organization.

    Oobeya helps organizations deliver faster, high-quality products by connecting their own SDLC/ALM tools. Oobeya enables real-time monitoring of the entire software development life cycle and analyzes coding activities to measure development efficiency.

    By enabling Oobeya, you get complete visibility into your software health and development efficiency in a single platform.

    Accessing real-time data and insights on developers/teams/products makes you more confident in taking actions on product development and engineering processes.

    Oobeya has seamless integration with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab Cloud, GitLab Enterprise, Bitbucket Cloud, Bitbucket Server, AzureDevOps Cloud, AzureDevOps Server.

    Oobeya is beneficial for all product teams and engineering managers who want to deliver high-quality software products to the end-users to meet customer requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction.

    Engineering Managers identify bottlenecks of the entire development process, find problematic units, get actionable metrics to improve their teams’ performance.

    C-Level Executives get complete visibility into their software health and development efficiency. Accessing real-time data and insights into the entire engineering process makes Executives more confident in taking actions to build high-performing technology organizations.

    DevOps / QA Teams monitor all the quality and DevOps related metrics in a single dashboard for the entire organization, teams, or products. Collecting and visualizing real-time data from different tools and environments of the DevOps toolchain enables full-cycle quality monitoring and increases the reliability of the product increments.

    Agile Teams track all the product metrics in their customized Dashboards on daily-standup, review, retro meetings to improve team efficiency and transparency.

    Software Engineers see what they built and where they stand while improving their software development skills.

    Yes, you can use Oobeya on-premise. Premium Plan has a support package for the on-premise installation.

    You can install Oobeya in five minutes. After installation, you can easily activate the addons, connect your own data sources, analyze code repositories, import the users, and create your dashboards.

    Security at Oobeya is our highest priority. See the documentation for the security policies and practices of Oobeya. If you have any questions about security, please contact us.

    Yes, we’ve launched our playground to show you Oobeya in action!

    You can see a live demo of Dashboards, Scorecards, Leagues, Gitwiser Repository Analytics, and other significant features.

    Click and see the Oobeya Playground.