Understanding and improving productivity and well-being is more critical than ever in our modern fast-changing software development landscape. The introduction of frameworks like DORA, SPACE, Developer Experience (DevEx), and the implementation of Software Engineering Intelligence Platforms (SEIPs) such as Oobeya offer groundbreaking ways to enhance how we build, deploy, and continuously improve software products. This blog post delves into the close connection between the SPACE framework and Oobeya SEIP, describing how they work together to optimize software engineering processes and efforts.

Understanding the SPACE Framework

The SPACE framework, detailed in an insightful article by ACM Queue, stands as a comprehensive model for assessing software development productivity. SPACE is an acronym for Satisfaction and well-being, Performance, Activity, Communication and Collaboration, and Efficiency and Flow. This framework encourages a holistic view of productivity, emphasizing not just the output but also the well-being of engineering teams. It suggests that productivity measurement should extend beyond traditional metrics to include factors that affect the developers’ experience and contribution to the overall business success.

Oobeya SPACE Framework

SPACE Framework

The Role of Software Engineering Intelligence Platforms (SEIP)

Gartner defines Software Engineering Intelligence Platforms as “platforms that shine a light on engineering data” (Innovation Insight for Software Engineering Intelligence Platforms, March 2023). They help software engineering leaders and teams understand what engineering data really says about how software products are built and deployed, as well as how software engineering teams perform. SEIPs like Oobeya serve as pivotal resources for software engineering leaders, offering data-driven insights that enable better decision-making, improved developer experiences, and enhanced productivity. They help in making sense of the vast amounts of data generated by development activities, thereby driving better business and customer outcomes.

How Oobeya Aligns with the SPACE Framework

Oobeya, as a leading Software Engineering Intelligence Platform, seamlessly integrates with the principles of the SPACE framework. Oobeya automatically detects symptoms of inefficiencies and bottlenecks within the software development and delivery processes, offering a detailed symptoms catalog that resonates with SPACE dimensions. For instance:

  • Satisfaction and Well-being: Oobeya provides insights into team morale and satisfaction levels, helping leaders identify areas where improvements can enhance team well-being.
  • Performance: Through the analysis of cycle times, deployment frequencies, and other DORA and Agile metrics, Oobeya helps teams measure and optimize the performance of their processes.
  • Activity: Oobeya tracks and analyses development team activities in detail and correlation, offering visibility into how time and resources are allocated across different tasks.
  • Communication and Collaboration: By analyzing communication patterns and collaboration efforts, Oobeya identifies hidden inefficiencies and roadblocks in team interactions.
  • Efficiency and Flow: Oobeya highlights inefficiencies in workflows and processes, enabling teams to streamline operations and improve flow.

Beyond Frameworks and Tools: Addressing Culture and Strategy

While frameworks like DORA, SPACE, and DevEx offer significant insights and improvements in software development processes, it’s crucial to acknowledge their limitations. They are not panaceas for fixing broken cultures, organizational issues, or flawed strategies. Instead, they should be seen as components of a larger ecosystem that includes robust cultural practices, effective organizational structures, and strategic clarity.

Embracing a Holistic Approach with Oobeya and SPACE Framework

Integrating the SPACE framework with Oobeya’s capabilities presents a formidable approach to enhancing software development productivity and well-being. It enables a more nuanced understanding of productivity, one that goes beyond mere output to consider the health and efficiency of the development environment. By leveraging these insights, software engineering leaders can foster a more supportive, effective, and efficient software development culture.

Oobeya Team Insights

Oobeya Team Insights


The combination of SPACE and Oobeya offers a powerful lens through which software development teams can view and improve their work and well-being. By focusing on comprehensive metrics and data-driven insights, teams can achieve higher productivity levels, better project outcomes, and improved team satisfaction. As the software development industry continues to evolve, embracing these frameworks and platforms will be key to staying competitive and fulfilling both customer and developer needs effectively.

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