It’s been a whirlwind of a year for Oobeya, and we’re excited to share with you all of the amazing achievements and milestones we’ve hit in 2022.

One of the biggest highlights for us this year was the significant expansion of our customer base, with Oobeya now being used in 6 continents (it was only two in 2021). This demonstrates our desire to create a global solution for any software dev organization across the world. We’ve acquired new customers from various countries, further showcasing the effectiveness of what we offer.

The Oobeya Engineering Team has also made significant progress this year by developing a new approach for accurately calculating DORA metrics (VCS x CICD x APM). As a result, Oobeya is now the most accurate DORA metrics tracking tool on the market.

In addition to DORA metrics, we’ve also expanded our capabilities to track over 50 engineering metrics across software development and delivery processes. But we didn’t stop there – we’ve also implemented a new feature (which will be released in January) that detects the symptoms of software development and delivery automatically by leveraging these metrics. It’ll be a game-changer in the industry and we’re thrilled to see the impact it’s having.

Overall, 2022 has been a fantastic year for Oobeya, and we’re grateful for the support of our customers. We can’t wait to see what the future holds and we hope you’ll join us on this journey. Thank you for your continued support!