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To increase customer satisfaction and engagement, all product teams aim to deliver high-quality products to end users. Therefore, engineering teams strive to develop more reliable, secure, high-performance software and systems.

Oobeya and Sonarqube ensure teams have a comprehensive platform for continuous code quality inspection.

Code Quality & Security Metrics | Technical Debt | Bugs | Vulnerabilities | Code Smells | Coverage

Code quality metrics met with an Engineering Intelligence Platform.

What Does Oobeya & Sonarqube Integration Offer?

☀️ Oobeya Makes Sonarqube Issues Visible

At every stage of the software development process, code quality issues arise. The first thing you need to do is detect them. Next, you need to assign them, track them, and make them visible. Keep your code quality and security issues under control, and don't let them escape.


📈 Oobeya Allows Teams To Create Dashboards To Monitor Code Quality

Oobeya allows you to create custom Dashboards to monitor code quality . Oobeya Sonarqube addon includes seven pre-defined widgets out-of-the-box, such as Code Quality Metrics, Code Quality Issues, Quality Gate Status, Technical Debt Timeline, and Unit Tests. Checking out these Dashboards at every daily standup meeting allows you to take control of code quality.


💪 Oobeya Encourages Developers To Talk And Act On Code Quality

Oobeya & Sonarqube integration gives all stakeholders a clear view of software quality. By using Sonarqube, developers gain the ability to improve their coding practices . Oobeya makes code quality a common concern of all teams, not just a few experts.

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📗 Oobeya Helps Teams Reduce Technical Debt With An Action Plan

Technical debt is a concept in software development that reflects the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer. Oobeya displays technical debt at the project, individual, team, and organization levels. That allows development teams to identify improvement areas and track the improvements made.


🎯 Oobeya Provides Sonarqube Metrics At Individual, Team, And Organization Levels

Sonarqube detects and displays issues only at the project level. Oobeya links each code quality issue to its contributor. Then shows the issues and technical debt at individual, team, and system levels.

Oobeya Team Report

Sonarqube Code Quality Metrics

TECHNICAL DEBT The estimated time required to fix all maintainability issues / code smells.
CODE QUALITY ISSUES Issues represent something wrong in the code. When a piece of code does not comply with a rule, an issue is created by SonarQube.
BUG A coding error that will break your code and needs to be fixed immediately.
VULNERABILITY A point in your code that's open to attack.
CODE SMELLS Maintainability-related issues that makes your code confusing and difficult to maintain.
COVERAGE How much of the source code is covered by unit tests.

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