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Gain complete visibility, remove blockers & boost productivity for less than 1% of your engineering budget.

  • Starter-25 Plan

    $975 / month

  • Includes 25 Contributors
  • Add $39 Per Contributor Per Month
  • Self-Hosted Only
  • Analytics & DORA Metrics For 10 Repos
  • Analytics & Insights For 3 Teams
  • Agile Analytics For 3 Boards
  • All Team Symptoms
  • Basic Support (8x5 Email)
  • Monthly & Annual Billing Available
  • Starter-50 Plan

    $1800 / month

  • Includes 50 Contributors
  • Add $36 Per Contributor Per Month
  • Self-Hosted Only
  • Analytics & DORA Metrics For 50 Repos
  • Analytics & Insights For 10 Teams
  • Agile Analytics For 10 Boards
  • All Team Symptoms
  • Basic Support (8x5 Email)
  • Monthly & Annual Billing Available
  • Premium Plan

    $2900 / month

  • Includes 100 Contributors
  • Add $29 Per Contributor Per Month
  • Self-Hosted & Private Cloud Available
  • Analytics & DORA Metrics For 300 Repos
  • Analytics & Insights For 20 Teams
  • Agile Analytics For 20 Boards
  • All Team Symptoms
  • Dedicated Support Channel
  • API Access Available
  • Annual Billing Available
  • Enterprise Plan

    Contact Sales /

  • Customized Plan For Specific Needs
  • Volume Discounts Available
  • Self-Hosted & Private Cloud Available
  • Unlimited Repo Analytics & DORA Metrics
  • Unlimited Team Analytics & Insights
  • Unlimited Agile Board Analytics
  • All Team Symptoms
  • Enterprise-Level Support
  • API Access Available
  • Org Chart Setup Available
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Annual Billing Available
  • Multi-Year Contract Discounts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how we can help you create a high-performing technology organization.

Contributors are individuals whose activity data (such as commits, pull requests, issues, tasks, etc.) is available for analytics within the Oobeya Engineering Intelligence Platform. Licenses for Contributors are transferable, allowing you the flexibility to add or remove contributors as needed.
Note: You will be able to add the selected contributors as you prefer to utilize their data. Oobeya will not automatically add active contributors to avoid any impact on the pricing model.

Yes, you can use Oobeya on-premise. Oobeya has a robust on-premise / self-hosted edition. You can run Oobeya via Docker and Kubernetes.

You can install Oobeya in five minutes by following our installation tutorial. After installation, you can easily integrate your data sources, analyze code repositories + boards + deployment pipelines, measure DORA Metrics, and import users.

Security at Oobeya is our highest priority. We have ISO 27001 certification (the leading international standard focused on information security).

See the documentation for the security policies and practices of Oobeya. If you have any questions about security, please contact us.

Oobeya’s approach to data hosting and preservation is designed to ensure maximum security, performance, and flexibility for its customers. By leveraging a single-tenant SaaS model and hosting data on a database within this isolated environment, Oobeya offers a secure, customizable, and reliable solution that meets the diverse needs of its enterprise customers.

Learn more about the Oobeya Managed SaaS offering here.


We offer a range of technical support options to our customers, including a dedicated support team that’s available during regular business hours. Our team is committed to providing timely and effective assistance to resolve any issues that arise, and we prioritize quick response times to minimize any potential problems for our customers.

For our Enterprise & Premium plans, we also offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for support. These provide specific guarantees for response and resolution times to ensure our customers receive fast and efficient support when they need it.

In terms of patching, we release regular updates to improve the software’s functionality and user experience. These updates follow industry best practices for patching, and we strive to release patches as soon as possible after any issues are identified. Our customers are notified of patch releases and can easily download and install the updates via our guides.

Overall, we’re committed to providing our customers with excellent operational support and patching to ensure that our software performs at the highest level. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Oobeya has a configurable re-analyze period that allows you to choose how often you’d like to refresh the data. Additionally, Oobeya performs re-analyze processes automatically when new commits, pull requests, and deployments are made on checked repositories. This incremental analysis approach helps prevent performance issues by analyzing only the changes made since the last analysis, rather than analyzing the entire dataset each time. This helps to reduce processing time and minimize the impact on system performance.

Oobeya sets the health status of each deployment by using four methods:
    1. Setting the health status manually.
    2. Detecting “hotfix” patterns (in Git branch, PR, Deployment name) automatically.
    3. Tracking incidents from Application Performance / Incident Management tools.
    4. [Upcoming Feature] Oobeya Deployment API – Oobeya will provide an API that can be used to set the health status of each deployment.
See all the details here.

Yes, it is possible to group teams in Oobeya.

You can define your company’s Organizational Chart by adding custom unit levels to create a hierarchical view in Oobeya. After creating your organizational hierarchy, you can view organization-wide engineering metrics including DORA Metrics.